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Exactly like that except completely different!

Kytyngurl2's LiveJournal

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13 November 1979
Hi! I'm an insane person! Nice to meet you. ^_^ I've shortened up the old bio, as I really wasn't too pleased with it. This will eventually be replaced with another, better, bio.

I'm a FMA fangirl who has recently started writing fics. I mostly write Roy x Ed but am VERY open with pairings. I also loathe pairing wars like you wouldn't believe. I don't have much confidence in my skills, so please feel free to beta me whenever you want or give any writing advice. I'm always looking for ways to improve!

It's a little known fact, but my blood is actually made of carrot juice. This is why bunnies bite me so often! T_T

I love meeting people and talking about FMA and other, often random, things. So please feel feel to comment or friend me! Those rumors of me biting are terribly exaggerated!

....Plus they DID eventually heal up. Geez!

I'm married to zalia at marry_a_ljuser!
Banner by gardensgnome

Places I have/am modding: fm_alchemist, alter_series, houseofsmex, and fma_spork
I was also a digester at fullmetal_info

Big thanks to all the icon makers! I have credited you all on each individual icon... and if I made any mistake, please please let me know! And thank you also to the colorbar creators! They are wonderful and skilled people! :)


Ed x Roy Sprites are Love

Full Metal Alchemist is Love

Sasuke is so Gay

Ed is love

Alter!Series is Love Life

Roy Mustang is teh love smex

Alphonse Elric [Hagaren]
Alphonse is pure love ♥ !

Sin is Love

NarutoxSasuke = Fangirl Love <3

Wonder Showzen Is Love

EdxRoy is Love

One Piece is nakama love

1x2, 4chan, alter!series, angst, anime, anime conventions, anime music videos, anthropology, avoiding pairing wars, b movies, bart allen, baths, bishounen, bondage, books, brainbreaking, candles, cats, clamp, computers, cosplay, crack, culture, dark jokes, daydreaming, ddr, dee x ryo, diana wynne jones, doujinshi, drinking, edward elric, edward gorey, fake, fanart, fanfics, fantasy, final fantasy, fluff, fma, food, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, furuba, games, geeks, ghosts, girls, glbt, goth, gravitation, gundam wing, gw, hagane no renkinjutsushi, hagaren, harry potter, hauntings, heero x duo, hentai, hiei x kurama, horror movies, hot tubs, house of smex, impulse, incense, insomnia, internet, j-art, j-pop, j-rock, jamie madrox, japan, japanese, karaoke, kittens, kon x bart, liberals, magick, manga, masuta ichiro, memes, msting, music, naruto, nightime, on-line comics, one piece, open minds, ot3s, otakon, other cultures, otps, plushies, pro-choice, pron, psychology, raphael, reading, recasted sins, robot chicken, rock, role-playing games, roy mustang, rpgs, saiyuki, sasunaru, science-fiction, seishirou x subaru, sirius black, sirius x remus, slash, souma kyo, south park, sushi, swimming, technology, the 80's, the simpsons, tmnt, tokyo babylon, toys, travel, tsuzuki x hisoka, urban legends, video games, weird, wicca, wondershowzen, writing, x, x-factor, x-men, yami no matsuei, yaoi, young justice, yu yu hakusho, yuki x shuichi, yuri, zen, アニメ, マンガ, 日本, 日本語, 鋼の錬金術師

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