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Kyt's FMA Fanfic Recs

Okay, I was talked into it! Here is that 'Recommend a fic' meme that's floating around. I, obviously, chose Roy x Ed but a few general fics slipped in anyways. Or pre-slash, at least. THIS IS BY NO MEANS A COMPLETE LIST. But I guess it will have to do for now. Enjoy!

Also, though I say it many times in the recs-- I really mean this-- I chose examples of each author's work. If you like that example: CHECK OUT EVERYTHING ELSE THEY'VE DONE. These are all super-talented writers, and they also would appreciate your feedback and reviews!

Finally-- Though I spent a bit of time working on this, the people you should really be thanking are the authors. If you find a fic you like-- let them know! That really makes a lot of people's days! :)

That said, now please enjoy these fics! ^_^


Voluspa, Who's on First, and The Rust Within Their Throats by anax
Anax will make you go 'Wow'. Nuff said!

Voluspa: Roy x Ed, Roy x 'Lust' NC-17 AU or Post-Series depending on how you want to see it.
One of the best multi-parters EVER. An older Roy has quite an interesting lover, a homunculus called 'Lust' who happens to resemble a certain... and apparently dead... blond alchemist. This theory gets proven wrong when Edward himself turns up and isn't too happy with his ex-lover. Ut oh.
A beautiful fic... I honestly can't do it justice. JUST GO READ IT.

Who's on First: Roy x Ed
A rarity on this list, so I thought I'd slip it in. This fic does such a great job of turning a few fanon habits right on their head! Bwhahaha! It's evil, but so very very funny.
Roy has brought the attractive Edward home to his apartment for some sweet lovin'... Unfortunately for the man, he made a few assumptions earlier. Assumptions that were quite wrong.

The Rust Within Their Throats: Roy x Ed, Non-Con, OMG WTF, DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER!
Um. Er. I have a reason for this fic to be here, even though I can't stomach it myself. I really really do! It's er... unique. Yeah. Not too many other Roy x Ed fics like this. And god, I'm so glad. Some people might go for something like this, and I'm trying for variety in this list, so here you go. The first Dark fic in the list, woot!
Ed dreads coming home, for that is when his dates with Roy begin. Does a dog of the military have to sell even his body? Does Roy realize what he's doing to Ed, or does he hold the delusion that Ed is in love back with him? Wait, is Roy in love with him? MOMMY, IT HURTS.
As warned above, this fic is very dark and probably is rape of the worst kind. However, it will make you think. Kudos to the unique take on characters and how damn vague everything is. I'm going to go get drunk now, bye!

After Arc: Ever, Circumstances Arc, and Air Feeds Fire by Branch
Branch's fics are all so very fun! I highly urge you to read them all!

After Arc: Roy x Ed, AU
Al is restored and things seem peaceful enough for the Elrics and Winry... but you didn't really think the military would let Ed go that easily, did you? Fortunately Roy is more than willing to take Ed under his wing.
This is one of the fics that introduced me to Roy x Ed and made it real to me. It's a lot of fun, and I really like the maturing Ed does in this fic. The concept of him becoming more Roy-like is interesting to me. Be sure to read it's sequels!

Circumstances Arc: Roy x Ed, AU, META, NC-17
Well, that sure was different! You'll probably not find such a vastly different take on Roy x Ed than this. For in this fic... the characters know they are nothing more then manga/fanfic characters. Wow.
Poor Ed! His manga title has just been sold to a different title... one that specializes in those Boy Love titles. Ut-oh. Roy is more than willing to help, of course! Funny, smutty, tongue-in-cheek, and often very touching. Especially once the fic gets into Roy's goals and the way he thinks of Ed. Good stuff!

Air Feeds Fire: Roy x Ed, NC-17
Another 'Ed has been forced to take a life, freaks out, and Roy deals with the aftermath' fic. But oh so shiny! Roy's concern for Ed really shines through nicely, and the interaction between the two is a joy to see. 'Sides, there is bonus porn. Are YOU going to complain?

Cohabitation, Matchmaker, In-Laws. and The Other Side of the Night by harukami
God, I love Haru's fics. She's the master of cracky humor really (and a great inspiration to me) and you really should go check out her fun little drabbles. These three, however, are very nice and solid Roy x Ed pieces. Her Archive.

Cohabitation: Roy x Ed, NC-17, Post-Series Spoilers
Two men who have not seen in each other in years meet again. Are some doors really closed forever? Can a new start be made? Lovely work!

Matchmaker: Roy x Ed
A fun and basic 'Roy and Ed get together' piece. Hughes has some startling news for Roy: Ed apparently has a crush. Roy is enlisted to find out more, and gets quite the shock.

In-Laws: Roy x Ed
This just amuses me. Roy meets the in-laws. Yeah, Izumi. Things go about as well as you'd think. XD RUN ROY, RUN.

The Other Side of the Night: Roy x Ed, NC-17ish
This is probably one of the best treatments of 'a virgin having sex for the first time' ever. A lot of thought and lovely writing went into this fic, turning into it something much more than the typical 'weepy uke and a PWP' thing.
It's will be their first time having sex, and Ed is feeling the effects of the approaching paradigm shift. Roy understands, thankfully.

Housewarming and Girl!Ed Genderswitch AU by harukami and nekokoban
Oh! Two of the best writers in the fandom... co-writing? Score!

Housewarming: Roy x Ed NC-17
Another very solid 'Roy and Ed get together' fic. Probably one of the most well-done out there! Lots of great characterization, lead-up, and of course the sex is hot.
Ed finds himself dragged off to some dull military affair and later to Roy's house.

Girl!Ed Genderswitch AU: Roy x Ed, AU, Genderswitch, Het, Some NC-17 in later bits.
First of all, I have compiled all the fics in this AU I could in Mems (I hope I didn't miss one) and I'm reccing them here. I'm not not sure if that's allowed, and if it isn't, I'll gladly remove the link here and/or Mems. It's mostly here for MY benefit, anyways.
Now that that is over with, oh god do I love this AU. I have a thing for genderswitching characters and this fic series makes it so REAL. It's very well done, and one can't help but fangirl Eliza/Ed a LOT. Anyways, the main plot is that Trisha and Hoho's first child was born a female instead of a male. The young girl was always tomboy-ish, and later she decides that she's going to pretend to be a boy. To help her become a State Alchemist you see. Roy finds out and things get interesting from there. Very good and very cool stuff! NOTE, I'M GOING TO FRIEND-LOCK THIS LINK FOR A SHORT WHILE SINCE I'M ABOUT TO X-POST THIS LIST.

Contraries Arc: The Shadow Of Desire and The Perils of Coffee by solitude1056
No one plot!fics like Sol. No one.

Contraries Arc: Roy + Ed if you want, Gen if you don't. AU
DEAR GOD, JUST GO READ THIS (And it's sequel and epilogue) RIGHT NOW! Another one of the most excellent fics out there. It's well done, very IC, and as plotty as one could ask for! Mmm...
Roy Mustang's life has gotten quite empty and pointless as of late. Fortunately for him, Ed starts taking an interest in figuring out exactly WHY Roy has changed-- and an interest in becoming his friend as well. Unfortunately for both, what seems to be a simple mission has gone horribly horribly wrong.

The Perils of Coffee: Gen! Some (frank) discussion of sexual topics
Yeah, I've slipped a few Gen fics into a Roy x Ed Recs list. Why? Because there are some good Gen fics out there. This is one of them. This actually might very well be the funniest fanfic in the entire fandom. READ IT!
It seems Edward has hit the age where he needs to have 'The Talk'. Roy doesn't think Hughes should do it, and he isn't doing too well at himself. So Riza Hawkeye decides to do it for him. Only thing is, she's a little TOO good and honest about the topic of sex. Poor Ed will probably never EVER have sex now. T_T

Altered States, Contact, Situation Normal, and Quick Studies by ciceqi
I can't keep saying "Must read author!" even if someone is, because, really, EVERYONE here is a must read author. But, honestly, go check out all of this writer's fics. This is just a tiny sampling of what she is capable of. Her Archive.

Altered States: Roy x Ed, AU, NC-17
A Must Read for any true Roy x Ed fan. Ed has discovered a clever way to create the Philosopher's Stone-- using life instead of death. Or rather, Roy and sex. On the way, the two turn a relationship of casual sex into something believable and strong. NEW: Coyo put up a teaser of the last part, Nigredo right over here. YAAAY!

Contact: Roy x Ed, AU, NC-17
Roy's over-worked and Ed kindly decides to help him out. Ed's understanding of Roy and their relationship grows from there.

Situation Normal: Roy x Ed, AU, NC-17
Ed's grown up, but somehow he's the last person to notice.

Quick Studies: Roy x Ed, some Al x Winry, Hughes x Gracia, and Havoc x Hawkeye
A member of the quickly dying breed of 'Hughes (and Gracia) help get Roy and Ed together'. Also a member of the equally dying breeds of the above listed Het couples. And there is even Alicia. LOTS of Alicia. And Ed being a sneaky older brother... and dress-up... and Valentine's Day!
Hughes and Gracia accidently end up inviting two babysitters to watch over their child, Ed and Roy. Whom seem to be interested in each other. Could this be the final push they need? Cute getting together fic and a VERY rare look at Ed acting like Alicia's older brother and Roy like her uncle. Awww, too cute! Why do authors keep forgetting about the Hughes family, damn it?

Shatter by kazaera
Yeah, this pretty much is a rec list of Roy x Ed. But I think you should read this. RIGHT NOW.
One of the best takes on Roy and Ishbal, bar none. Wow. Hits you like a sledgehammer. Another must for any Roy fan.
Roy just came back from the war and his friend Hughes starts to notice some very very unsettling things. What in the world happened out there?!

Pawns, Merciless Torture, and Crush by velvet_mace
Vel is known for her twisted plots and variety of pairings! If being squicked is your thing, check her out! If not... well, here are some non-squicky fics of hers. Enjoy some fics from one of the best newer writers in the fandom. Her Archive

Pawns: Roy x Ed AU
Another nice and solid multi-parter. It's got a bit of something for everyone-- An interesting plot, het and yaoi, humor, action, and angst... it's just all around damnfine.
Al is restored, Ed is on the run, Roy is in jail... and the military is up to no good. A very unsettling array is developed and things go downhill from there. Honestly, this fic is too good for me to describe in my sleepy state. Sorry!

Merciless Torture: Roy x Ed
Too too too funny and cute! Ed and Roy have developed a language of code-word: what happens when they are stuck at a meeting, horny, and bored? Trouble, that's what! Dirty humor = the best.

Crush: Roy x Ed, NC-17, Manipulation
This sort of fic is more of Velvet's speciality. Her Roy is a manipulative and sneaky bastard, and it shows very well here! Ed has a crush, Roy helps him get rid of it. Wow.

Death of a Ladies' Man, Half Empty, and Between Heaven and Home by cephiedvariable
Time for me to start throwing a bit of angst on this list. Why? Because Cephied is GOOD and you should read her stuff! Her Archive

Death of a Ladies Man: Roy x Ed
Roy and Ed have been caught, and the military does tend to frown upon an officer seducing a minor in his command. Roy knows what he has to do and tries to make Ed understand as well. But first, he wants a favor... Ouch, but the good kind of ouch, I guess. :)

Half Empty: Roy x Ed
"Only the insane can draw perfect circles.". Roy x Ed that deals alot with the concept of them being alchemists, brilliant concept. And as usual for Cephied, lovely writing. Feels very IC and very unique, and I love the touches with alchemy so very much. And the way the fic is arranged.

Between Heaven and Home: OMG GEN and OMG END OF SERIES SPOILERS AND AU Sometimes, you don't get what you want. As Ed sadly discovers. However, you can make do with what you have. Bittersweet like WHOA.

For Coffee and Desire My Slumbers by mirimea
Maaya, like vikki, is one of the best drabble-writers out there. Check out her stuff, you will not be disappointed.

For Coffee: Roy x Ed
A lovely take on Roy... Ed... and coffee? Delightful!

Desire My Slumbers: Roy + Ed, pre-slash
Ed during the nights and Ed during the days. With and without Mustang. Hot and cold, young and old. As pretty and poetic as it sounds!

Firebird, Cat's Eye, Merry Christmas, Colonel Bastard, and Noesis by devils_devotion
Surely you've heard of Devi's work, right? It's all good! Many know her famous 'Play on Nerds'... but do you know her other fics? Here are a few of the more recent ones to give you a taste of what she is capable of. She truly is the master of painful realism, character-work, and slick prose. To know her is to fan-girl her. GO READ THEM ALL. Her Archive.

Firebird: Roy x Ed NC-17
One-sided relationships HURT... but for who? Roy is disgusted to find Ed has a... rather violent... crush on him. He cares for the boy, and really just wants to be a father to him. Things get messy from there. Wow.

Cat's Eye: End of Series Spoilers Roy and Ed, through the years.
Roy prevents Ed from being hit by a car one day-- a good deed, yes? Well, about that...

Merry Christmas Colonel Bastard: Roy x Ed-ish by the end, Slightly Gen
Hardly anyone knows Devi did this fic, and it's a crying shame. It's not very much like her other fics, but it's good. It's hilarious as hell, angsty at times, sweet at times, and overall a really fun ride. Plus, though I feel like it's never too late for Christmas fic, the holidays are coming up kinda soon.
It's the holiday season and Ed finds himself alone and grumpy now that Al has gone back to visit the Rockbells. He gets it into his mind that he should spend the next few days attempting to embarrass the hell out of Colonel Mustang. It... doesn't go quite well. Laugh your ass off at Ed's many attempts. Go 'Awww' at the bit with the journal. Please help hide Kyt from Devi once Devi notices she recced this!

Noesis: Roy x Ed, AU, NC-17-ish at times
Wow, god I love this fic. This is another unique, and by Devi standards rather cheerful, take on the OTP. Like some of the fics Stick and Cephied have done, it uses the fact that Ed and Roy are alchemists. This fic goes even farther, using the fact that it's heavily implied in the series that alchemists are rather strange people.
"Only an alchemist can understand another alchemist," Ed has heard, and he fears that he'll never be able to find someone to understand or date him as a result. Meanwhile, Roy, who goes through many women, once dated an alchemist. And for a rather long period of time, which confuses him. Is there something to that theory? Can these two actually work something out? Will Ed ever stop thinking? ;) Read and enjoy!!

Orbit and And Fade by crazy_toffee
In case you aren't getting enough dark from the rec's above. I'll admit to being a fluff fan... but these things are on this for a reason: HIGH QUALITY AND EXCELLENT WRITING. These are no exception.

Orbit: Roy x Ed, AU
Roy and Ed are doomed to orbit each other, nothing coming near. Roy and Ed through the years and all sorts of tribulations. A lot of one-sided-ness... and a damn interesting plot.

And Fade: Roy x Ed, AU
Another ouchie from Toffee. Fics are this are what they are talking about when you hear the word 'bittersweet'. Ed loves Roy, Roy doesn't love Ed. In a tangle of friendship and sex... what sort of life will they lead? Poetic and 'WHOA'.

This is Not a Love Song, For Victory, and As Far As You Go by stickmarionette
Stick is another fairly new but extremely talented writer. Her style is descriptive, poetic, and a sheer joy to read. Plus she gets some of the most nifty multi-parter bunnies ever! Be sure to check out her post-series Gen FMA/HP fusion.

This is Not a Love Song: Roy x Ed
Roy and Ed are alchemists. Their minds work differently from other people's minds. A unique take on the OTP. Nice stuff!

For Victory: Roy x Ed, AU, WIP
Stick's attempt at 'non-screwed up Roy x Ed' and a very interesting start to another great WIP of hers. "A few years after the struggles that led to Al regaining his body, Ed looks back to the years that altered the course of the lives of many people, including Roy Mustang and Edward Elric." Mmm, plot!fic. Mmm, Stick's awesome writing!

It's the WIP everyone is raving about! A MUCH older Ed meets with an up-and-coming politician. Ooo, very interesting. I can't wait to see where this goes! Links to previous chapters in this post.

Versus Cold, A Matter of Trust, Getting Out, and Expressions by mikkeneko

Versus Cold: Roy + Ed (With a smattering of Elricest too, I'd guess)
One of the best writers in the fandom brings us... Blanket fic! Woot! A mission goes wrong and Edward is drenched and freezing. Al can't help in these situations... but Roy sure can.

A Matter of Trust: Roy x Ed, NC-17, Kink
Kinky sex or an excercise in trust- You decide? Roy doesn't think Ed trusts him, and since the pair are at the Rockbell's, where the automail surgery took place-- Well, you get the picture. Hot, slightly wrong, and a great character study.

Getting Out: Roy x Ed, R, as close to NC-17 as you can get
Ed thinks he can undress Roy blind-folded. Roy takes him up on that. XD

Expressions: Roy x Ed
Roy thinks Ed is attractive. It's amazing how something this short really really hits on my Roy x Ed love. But, boy, does it. Bonus points for the essay and in-comments discussion on what makes Ed an 'attractive' character!

In Entirety, If You Won't and War by acquisition
Bri is truly a really excellent writer! But, wow, it's so hard to find her fics. T_T

In Entirety: Roy x Ed AU
Gah, this is so lovely! ^_^ Ed achieves all of his goals... How will Roy take the changes? This is his first time to meet ALL of Ed, after all.
Amazing work-- and a brilliant take on the concept.

If You Won't: Roy x Ed
Ed muses on Roy and his feelings for him after he almost loses the man to an attack by Envy. Powerful and emotional stuff.

War: Roy x Ed
This fic is so... so... amusing. We need more fics like that, really. What happened to the humor and fluff in the fandom, eh?
Ed finds a calcium pill by his food one day. What? Roy is just concerned is all! Of course, Ed thinks Roy should worry more about himself. What with those old bones and all. Very funny stuff!

Cold by icedark_elf
Ed x Roy
My uke!Roy bent starts sneaking in, hee!
Roy and Ed are on the front lines. Things go sour when they have a fight-- then Ed disappears while on a mission. Roy does not take this well. No worries, there is a happy ending to be had!

Silver Watch, Burned, Psycho!Ed Ficlets, and Golden Stars by zalia
I love the wifey! And her fics too! Her Archive

Silver Watch: Angst, Hurt/Comfort and symbolism? Sign me up! Ed has finally dirtied his hands... can Roy help him?

Burned: Post-Series Spoilers, AU
After the events of 51, Roy has quite the re-adjustment period. Ed worries about him and the two have a bit of a spat. Cue the cuteness.

Psycho!Ed ficlets: Ed x Roy, AU, Brainwashing, Slavery, WTF, NC-17, WIP
Errr. Here is another very 'different' fic series for the list. Hey, variety is the spice of life, right? Well, this spice is probably not for everyone. Look at those warnings. Look at the title. That's right, Ed's doing THAT to Roy. Very twisted and evil!

Golden Stars: Roy x Ed
Zal, much like me, has a sweet spot for hurt/comfort that involves ROY being the one needing comfort. And wow, does this fic hit that sweet spot nicely. I really love the concept!
Ed really wants to see some fireworks, having not seen many in his life, and Roy is unable refuse Ed's wish. Despite the fact that fireworks bring to mind the more painful explosions he's seen in his past. Very sweet and touching. And MMMMmmmm, Roy angst IS cute!

Incognito and Sense of Touch by cryogenia

Incognito: Roy + Ed, or Gen if you prefer. It's all in the subtext, baby!
Cryo is so multi-talented! ^_^
Ed keeps biting off more than he can chew and getting a bit chewed up himself. Roy is starting to get very worried-- And a bit parental to boot.

Sense of Touch: Ed x Roy, NC-17
Introspective and angsty PWP porn? You betcha! It's really well done, and a rather painful but good take on Roy. Much love for the touches of seme!Ed too. Very very hot.
Sometimes, Roy wants it to hurt.

Sick Leave: 1, 2 and Untitled Gen Ficlet by tir_synni
Tir can do it all, you know! And all of it so very well.

Sick Leave: Roy x Ed, some one-sided Ling x Ed, Manga-Verse, WIP?
Ed has out-grown his ports and everything needs to be done over again. Ouch. A pretty horrific operation to say the least. Meanwhile, Roy worries. Can the two rekindle an old flame?

Untitled Gen Ficlet: Too much of a description will wreck the fun! XD Roy finds Ed crying in the cafeteria one day. Or does he? Very sweet and utterly hilarious at the same time! JOY! The fandom needs more gen fics like this one!

Sleeping With Ghosts by amurderofcrows
Roy x Ed Post-Series Spoilers
Wow, another really really dark fic. But it's so shiny-- I could not help myself!
Ed has returned a very very changed man. He and Roy find comfort in each other, but is it enough? Grab your tissues, folks.

Must Like Cats and Sweet Dreams by girlstarfish

Must Like Cats: Roy x Ed
An award-winning fic, here!
Roy is amused to discover the Elrics have put out a want-ad for a girlfriend. Questioning reveals some rather painful motivations for their search. Can Roy present a better offer-- and convince Ed to stop putting such heavy burdens on his shoulders?

Sweet Dreams: Roy + Ed-ish. A lot of subtext, but not the focus of the fic, really
A sweet and slightly sad and very unappreciated multi-parter. Some Roy x Ed in it, but it's slight. It also is a Post-series AU
Ed has returned, but isn't quite the same. Will he ever 'wake up'... can he, even? Can Roy and Al be strong enough?

Guilt, The Path Not Taken, and Rescue by Jaelle
Jaelle is an excellent but totally unknown author. All of her fics are well-done and unique, and I really had a heck of a time narrowing it down. I wanted to slip 'Unapproved Project' in here, despite it being pretty Gen. Well, I guess what I'm saying is: Go read her her other fics too. Of course, that does go for everyone on this list.

Guilt: Roy x Ed AU
I'm so happy to find obscure and good fic! This has been one of my favorites for ages-- I'm a sucker for almost!raped!Ed, I guess.
Roy becomes suspicious as Ed displays some very odd behavior. Seems like Ed has been keeping a secret from everyone for years. Can Roy figure out what happened... and relieve some of Ed's guilt issues?

The Path Not Taken: Roy x Ed, AU
I keep saying 'AU' when I mean that the fic branches off from around half-way through FMA and assumes a way of making Al human again. Well, this fic is truly AU. What if Ed and Al didn't try to bring their mother back to life and thus didn't go through all those hardships? Well, the homunculi are still around. And Roy is fighting against them. Meanwhile, there are these rumors of a strange hooded alchemist. An alchemist Roy is dying to meet.

Rescue: Gen, Roy Ed if you want it to be.
Ha ha! For once, it's Ed rescuing Roy! Kyt really does love her Uke!Roy, you know!
Roy has been attacked, injured, and kidnapped! Fortunately Ed and the others aren't going to let THAT slide by.

Come to Think of It by epicdisaster
Roy Ed/ Roy x ? Post-Series
Wow, another darker one, but damn... what an interesting character study. I love weak and sort of insane!Roy
A older and more bitter Roy goes to a nightclub. There, he finds himself thinking about his current situation and thinking of Ed. Dark!

Rueful Fire by syldana
Roy x Ed Post Series AU
Aaah, fics like this really hit the sweet spot. It's IC, touches on Ishbal, and features as much angst and fluff as anyone could ask for. Very much a great and well-rounded fic!
Things go very wrong one day when Roy encounters a young and armed burglar in his apartment. Later, a disgruntled Ed makes a disturbing discovery.

Expresso, Cats and Dogs, and Afterburn by runefallstar
Another little known but rather good writer. Please give her some attention? Her Archive.

Expresso: Roy x Ed
The fandom needs more fics like this. A light-hearted look at Roy and Ed, with lots of banter! Wait, you say those are common? Maybe, but GOOD takes on the concept like this are not. Both Roy and Ed are pretty IC and this fic will bring a huge smile to your face. Aaaah, bliss!
Ed brings Roy coffee, Roy teases Ed. Ed decides to take up a new research project.

Cats and Dogs: Ed x Roy
A rather sweet fic with tiny traces of uke!Roy hidden within.
Ed and Roy take shelter in a barn during a heavy rain shower, cue cute banter, Roy sneezing, and Ed worrying over Roy's weight. A nice Ed's POV on Roy piece.

Afterburn: Roy + Ed
Oooh, Roy and Ed subtext and dealing with the subject of the big episode 25 spoiler all in one tasty little fic! Add in the interesting use of hot food as a metaphor or something and you have a WINNER!
Roy had the habit of eating super-hot curry in a Xingian restaurant... Hughes had the habit of joining him and stealing his food. What now? Can Ed really be a replacement? Should he?

Always Hungry by akainagi
Another 'Ouch!' fic. Damn, the fandom is mean to the guys. But still, this is really well done and emotional...
Ed is gone, and Roy suffers... and hungers.

And On This Night, Mirror Pieces, and Seasonal by nekokoban
Another 'old-school' but MUST SEE FMA writer. Whitecat's wonderful way with prose is well known, and her grasp of characters excellent. Go check out her personal archive, you won't be disapointed. Her Archive.

And On This Night: Roy x Ed, AU
Al has gotten married, and Roy muses on the differences between 'Fullmetal' and 'Edward'. A unique and lovely take on Roy x Ed and a wonderful introduction to Whitecat's dreamy style.

Mirror Pieces: Gen, Roy + Ed if you want it to be, I suppose
After Edward's first kill, Roy sees some of himself in Ed. Mmmm, shades of hurt/comfort, and so IC. I rather like this sort of plot in a fic, and it's done really well here. And there is even some Al! Highly recommended!

Seasonal: Roy x Ed, Ed --> Riza, Winry --> Ed, AU
Edward Elric and seasons. The Fullmetal Alchemist throughout the years. From a young boy with a crush to a young man who has achieved his goals. Wow!

Tension and Comfort by furiouscupofcat

Tension: Roy x Ed
Written as a result of fics that are Roy x Ed, and completely ignore Al (Otherwise known as VAS: Vanishing Al syndrome). And oooooh, such a pleasure to read! Al notices that Ed becomes very tense each time he talks to Roy and he also notices that Roy has been going easier on Ed lately. He decides to do something about this. Cue Matchmaker!Al! Very cute and amusing.

Comfort: Ed x Roy, AU
Ed discovers a startling secret that Roy has hidden from everyone. More than that, he discovers that Roy is as human and vulnerable under the act. Could this be the start of something great?

And, Return, and Walled by vikki
I want you to take a pause right now, Dear Reader, and thank your lucky stars. Thank them that we have so many excellent writers in this fandom... People like Vikki here. Vikki is the master of character studies, and you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don't go read all of her Gen character-study drabbles. Her grasp of character is excellent. Vikki is also good at humor and PWP writings.

And: Gen, Edward-Centric
Mostly here to give you a glimpse of how damn excellent her drabbles and character studies are. If you like this, go over to Scimitar Smile and read the others. They are all an utter delight.

Return and Walled: Roy x Ed, NC-17, PWP and reluctant uke
Thinking about it, I realised that my list was lacking a certain something. PWPs! Well, Vikki does nice PWPs, plus she also uses the 'reluctant uke' angle, which though I'm not super-fond of it-- is interesting, something many like, and something this list was lacking. So, go watch Roy go and seduce Ed!

Samadhi by dahchi
Roy x Ed, NC-17
Wow, now that's style! A vivid, beautifully described moment in time for Roy x Ed. And some delightful pron too. It's dreamy, and rather unique too!

Ready, Steady by canis_m
Roy x Ed, AU
Aaaah, that was fun! Few other fics capture the sort of 'slice of life' mood that this fic does so very well. It's too bad, really. The conversations feel real, and the touches with Ed's (amusing) mission at the start and his phone-calls with his brother and Winry are just great. The Roy x Ed bits are slight and at the very end, but kudos to keeping it IC and for Ed's solution to the whole 'I work under him' thing.

Party Games, Home Sweet Home, and Established Rules by nekojita
This writer really is skilled at portraying Roy and Ed, specifically an older-couple version of the two. They feel like themselves, but they have an almost-domestic 'We've been together for years' feel to them. If only she'd write more! T_T

Party Games: Roy x Ed, AU
An older Ed has just come home from a long and hard mission and just wants to relax. Unfortunately, his superior officer cum lover has other plans. No, not that! That comes later. First Ed has to attend a boring State Alchemist function. Meet Armstrong's cute niece! Be amused as Roy messes around with a homophobe. Smile at the spot-on Havok! Fun for the home family!

Home Sweet Home: Roy x Ed, NC-17, AU
Ed suddenly appears on the Rockbell doorstep one day, seriously injured from a mission. Al is less than happy, and neither is Roy once he finds out. Poor beat-up!Ed just wants to go home! Of course, when he gets there, he'll have to deal with a still upset and concerned Roy. All of that, and porn too! Life is good.

Established Rules: Roy x Ed, NC-17-ish, AU
Yet again, Ed has returned from a mission, only this time he's greeted by an agrument with his lover, who is starting to get a bit peeved by Ed's immature behaviour in some missions. Nice exploration of the 'rules' and habits the two go through in public to make things work. And the follow-up fluff and smut scene is both cute and full of nice banter.

Felis Catus by DuALity
Roy x Ed, WIP
In need a fic with a cliche? Don't mind a WIP? Want an actual PLOT!fic? Like cats? Well, I got just the fic for you!
It seems like Roy Mustang's womanizing ways have pissed someone off: A young lady who's alchemical speciality happens to be changing people's forms. Now Roy is stuck in a cat's body and no one knows. He ends up under Ed's care, and finds his opinions on the young alchemist changing as a result. Could he be falling in love? Meanwhile, the rest of the cast is very much around (yay!) and there have been sightings of these very dangerous and intelligent chimeras. Whee-ha!

Many Happy Returns by fyredancer
Roy x Ed, MPREG, Genderswitch, NC-17
Not enough cliche for you yet? How about some Genderswitch and MPREG? Wait! Don't run away yet! This fic is actually good, and quite tongue-in-cheek. What else would you expect from Talya Fyredancer, BNF of many fandoms?
An alchemist with revenge in mind seems to have turned Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist, into a SHE. Whoops. Roy and Ed experiment with Ed's er.... new developments... and accidently get 'him' knocked-up. All of this and an ending I bet you can't keep a straight face through! :D

One Step Closer and Breakfast at 11 by lazulisong

One Step Closer: Gen, Roy + Ed if you want
Edward Elric always hovers dangerously close to the edge of breaking. Fortunately, Roy knows a way to keep that from happening. A insightful and touching look at the dynamic between the two.

Breakfast at 11: Gen, Roy x Ed highly implied
XD XD XD Aha ha ha! Now that's light-hearted. Roy discovers that one shouldn't leave food unprotected near Ed. Very amusing, and timed perfectly right.

Him by muse_fodder
Roy x Ed, NC-17
This is a truly lovely, descriptive, and REALLY well written bit of porn. What's even better, it's introspective porn. Add the fact that it's written in the tricky second-person form and you have a winner!

Check and Aftermath by lykomancer

Check: Roy x Ed
Oh WOW. Few fics feel as about Roy and Ed as this. The grasp of characterization is amazing, and the points raised very interesting.
Roy and Ed dance about each other, playing a dangerous game. Ed is afraid that he's starting to want more, and almost gets it one day. Unfortunately, this is one of those times when one must wait.

Aftermath: Roy x Ed, hints of Roy x Maes.
After they've had sex, Roy angsts. The "Oh my god, I slept with him! I'm a pedophile and must have forced him!" theme has become common lately, but that doesn't prevent this from being finely written. Much love for the way Roy debates with himself, the bits with Maes, and Ed's lines near the end. Dark, but strangely sweet as well. And, as usual with Lyko, very well written and IC!

Pride: What Shouldn't Be by tsukishirou
Roy x Ed
Short and... Well, not really all that 'sweet', really. Yup, it's another dark fic, though not as dark as some of the ones high up on this list. Roy feels pride in his ability to manipulate Ed, and a strange joy in Ed's helpless state. Really impressive descriptive writing. I love short fics that manage to say so much!

Alter Series by Various Writers.
On this list because I'm terrified there might be some people out there who haven't read this amazing multi-writer project. This is really one of the must-sees of the fandom, if you don't mind the spoilers.
Gen, some subtext between Ed and Alter!Roy if you are looking for it, I suppose. Plus there is that non-canon section. ;) END OF SERIES SPOILERS. AU. WIP.
Several years after Ed finds himself in a new reality, he meets up with Ichiro Masuta, an ex-student of his Father's and a man that looks just like Roy Mustang. What will Ed make of this alternate version of Roy? What will this man make of Ed, who is truly a stranger is a stange land? Will Ed ever make it home?! As noted before, this is multi-writer project, and everyone who has worked on this is very talented. Plus each drabble has an illustration by hime1999 for the extra shiny. Expect a whole range of emotions, from humor to drama to slice of life to action. Truly an amazing series!

Thunder, If the Answer is Yes, and Getting Serious by granate
Granate is another one of the Roy x Ed fandom's solid but little known writers. She tries a bit of everything, and does it pretty well too! Her Archive.

Thunder: Roy x Ed
During a thunderstorm, Ed watches Roy sleep uneasily and muses on Roy's nightmares and the nature of a war-hero. Mmmm, much love for concepts like this. I love fics that deal with the understanding the two share, and the shared burden of Sin.

If the Answer is Yes: Roy x Ed
White day fic! Pretty stereotypical, but it will make you smile. Maybe it's how pervy her Roy comes across, and how amusing her Ed. Ed meets up with Mustang in a Post Office and somehow ends up flirted with. Hee!

Getting Serious: Roy x Ed
Mmmmm, more lovely Granate Roy x Ed fluff! Her fics really do make a fan so very happy. Also interesting about this fic is the fact that it involves Halloween. No worries, she makes it fit nicely into the FMA world and time-period and uses it as an avenue to explore the cultural differences between Ed (who comes from the country) and Roy (who presumably is a city boy). This a vastly unexplored part of Ed's personality in fanfics!
Roy comes home one day to find Ed wanting him to carve PUMPKINS of all things. Banter, fluff, and a discussion of their backgrounds follows. Also, pumpkin gut flinging.

Absently Present by Melfice
Roy x Ed. Another slick slice of life fic, this one with a rather excellent take on Edward himself. It's nice how much HIM, humor, drama, and setting was fitted into such a short little fic.
Ed wakes up one morning and muses on Roy, and how long this 'fling' between them has lasted.

Waiting and Firearms by kaltia
Kaltia is known for her Elricest and top-notch writing. She's really worth checking out! You WILL be impressed!

Waiting: Roy x Ed
Thought the list needed some humor fic. EVIL humor fic.
Ed out on a date with Roy, and Al waits at home for a call. He's not very pleased, of course. Cue angry and over-protective Al! Run, Roy! Take that, VAS! Very very funny!

Firearms: Roy x Ed
Ed and Roy discuss guns and share a rather fluffy moment. Of course, that effect is somewhat ruined by one of the funniest punch-lines in the history of fanfic, but, eh, you get what you can take. :)

I Hear the Thunder of a Distant Storm and Meat Pie and Pastry by ashoka
Another so-talented-she'll-make-you-cry writer! Woot! Have I mentioned how lucky we are? Because we really are. Pellaz is more of a Gen writer than anything else, specializing in the Elric brothers and sometimes Elricest. Her fics are, of course, really wonderful.

I Hear the Thunder: Roy x Ed, some Al x Winry
Look, I found a Pellaz fic with Roy and Ed! And such very good Roy x Ed it is. Her grasp of characters and dialogue will fill you with joy. And really, her Al is just too cute.
Ed and Roy have a conversation before Ed heads home to see his family. Awwww.

Meat Pie and Pastry: Gen
This fic is here to tempt you into reading Pellaz's Gen fics. Look! Isn't it her writing shiny? Doesn't she have an excellent take on Ed and Al?
It is Al's birthday, and Ed finds a touching... but sad way to celebrate it. Al might not be able to enjoy things like meat pies and pastry anymore, but Ed can enjoy them for him. And remember the boy Al once was.

When the Night Comes by hime1999
Gen, Roy + Ed if you want to see it, AU
Oh, this is just great! Roy and Ed have been called off to war, and it's understandably rough on both of them. Roy tries to comfort Ed even as he suffers himself. Vivid and very powerful stuff. And there is even this nice little picture!

The Adventures of Roy Mustang: Sex Ed Teacher and Better Living Through Alchemy by sky_dark
Roy x Ed, NC-17, End of Series Spoilers
Well, I still haven't read these, but I doubt this list would be considered 'near-complete' without them. Plus I don't like people throwing things at me. From what I've heard, and the little I've read, expect well-done smut, humor, fun dialogue and two of the longest fics in the fandom. Oh yeah, TARM: SET comes first, so read that first. Duh! :D Oh yeah, and it's link leads to the last chapter of that series. It has the links to the first chunk of chapters, no worries!

Life in Progress by dhrachth
Roy x Ed, AU, Set post-series, WIP
A newcomer in the FMA fanfic world, Dhrachth's simple and clean writing style is a real delight to read. I also like the concept of this series, with Roy and Ed developing their relationship through little things. I love a well done 'getting together' fic, I really do! Note: The above link leads to the newest chapter, links to earlier chapter can be found at the bottom of that post.

The Art of Getting Lost and Mortvi Non Mordant by lcm

The Art of Getting Lost: Gen, Roy + Ed if you are searching for it, AU
Roy and Ed have both gotten what they dreamed of... now what? Ed finds an interesting way to cope. I love fics that deal with this idea, and it's really well written too.

Mortvi Non Mordant: Roy x Ed, AU, WIP
I'm an evil sick bitch for putting this series on my list, since it hasn't been updated in almost a year. Well, we can keep on hoping. You never know, it just might be updated soon, right?
A sacrifice brings Ed into possession of a flawed Philosopher's Stone, and the decision to use it ends in an unforeseen price. I'm still not sure how the writer will get Roy x Ed out of this premise, but I can't wait to see how. This concept is still so very damn shiny. I suppose it's the 'possession' angle that comes into play later on.

Taming Edward by midnightbanshee
Roy x Ed, Crossdressing
Hee, another well done look at a few popular cliches. Here we have teasing and jerk!Roy and Ed-in-a-miniskirt. The two are related of course. Very amusing, without going over the top. And the pictures just make the whole experience all the more better!

Growth and Maturity by bard_linn
Her Archive.
Gen, Roy + Ed if you want, AU
Edward Elric finally grows up. This brings more changes than expected. Great concept and nice execution!

At War With Angels by hakuneko
Roy x Ed, Highly AU, WIP
Look, I found something pretty good at the Pit! Do I get a star? Ed dreams he has wings. Roy is from another planet. Neither are human. Ed's about to get quite the shock... and hey, is that hints of a mind-bond I'm seeing? Excellent!

Mustang's Secret Technique by jenken
Roy x Ed
Need some cracky humor? Here you go! Ed discovers the secret behind Roy's luck with the ladies. Probably OOC, but LOL!

Smutty Kitchen Pr0n by baby_kitty_toes
Roy x Ed, NC-17, PWP
*giggles* Now this is just dirty... just what PWP smut should be! Plus, hey, it's kitchen!sex. How rare is that?!
Ed just wanted to bake a cake. Roy just wanted to molest him. Plus, Ed has a way with words.

Dead Shot by kay_cricketed
Gen, Roy-Centric
Another 'Wow!' Roy introspection piece dealing with the Ishbal war. A must-see for any Roy-fan! Such lovely writing! *_*

Fourteen FMA Drabbles by laylah
Roy x Ed and Various, NC-17-ish, Ouch
Here is something really really completely different. Roy x Ed is just a tiny part of the pairings those drabbles feature. Also, these are all very very ouch. These are fics to read on Valentines day if you hate the holiday and/or don't have a date. In this drabbles, love really does suck. Dark, but excellent. There are few drabbles as well written as these little bits of pain.

Drabbles by glisse
Roy x Ed
Oooh, I love making finds like this. Three very well done, amusing, hot, and perfectly IC drabbles. Very well written! Roy has great sex, has a talk with Ed at the office, and proclaims his love. It's probably not what you are thinking, but read anyways!

Submit by errata_sonata
Ed x Roy, Surprise OTP, Kinky
OMG UKE!ROY! YESSSSSS!!! *gets to the end* Oh wait. Darn. Well, it was worth it for the start! Very well written, and a great take on Roy.
Roy wants to submit to Ed.

Just One Man by yuuo
Gen, Roy + Ed if you squint and spin around 3 times, Post series spoilers
In Ed's dreams, they still talk. Powerful and emotional stuff, and a really great take on the Roy and Ed dynamic.

Near-Sighted by sanguineus
Gen, heavy Roy + Ed subtext
Time for some more Ed introspection, this time with a nice side helping of OTP hints. Ed muses on Al, his goals, and Roy Mustang. "He always returned to Roy Mustang." Very well done and interesting.

Subliminal by vanitas_mundi
Roy x Ed, NC-17ish
Whenever things start to get heavy, Ed runs away. Roy has had enough and decides to help the relationship go to a new level. Yeah, there are touches of jerk!Roy here... but also some evil humor. Oh, and there is this nice picture too!

Admission by loreamara
Roy x Ed
Another slightly different take on Roy x Ed, woot! This one deals with Ed's thoughts on Roy and of Roy's public personality and apparent inability to be sweet. Ed, however, knows Roy tries.
It's a quiet moment, and Ed watches Roy sleep. But what will happen when Roy wakes up again?

Malleability: 1, 2, 3, and 4 by wicked_pistil
Roy x Ed, Roy x Random Women, NC-17, WIP
Roy is pretty sure he's straight, so why do fantasies of Fullmetal keep intruding into his normal daydreams? Why the hell would he be attracted to HIM? It won't stop, and Roy gets more and more frustrated. What will happen when he meets up with the real Edward? An interesting, funny, sweet, and well-written fic series, that's what! Be sure to check it out. :)

Scalded and Ignited by wired_lizard
Roy x Ed, NC-17, PWP, Kink
Mmmm, care for some kinky hot smut? The first part has masterbation and the second spanking! Very dirty, and very well done. Plus, if you look hard enough there is a sweet little core in the center of these little fics. Oooo!

Not fic, but MUST SEE:

mikkeneko's Quick Episode Summaries- I dare you to read these and not laugh your ass off. Quick and spoiler-filled go-overs of each episode... Only fun and dead-on. Warnings for Het, Yuri, and Yaoi based jokes. Pure love!

mikkeneko and kaltia's Instant Pairing Fanfics- Another classic bit of humor. Instant fanfics-- Just add prose! A tongue in cheek look at a whole bunch of pairings... and common fanon trends. Brilliant.

anax's Episode Parodies- Another hilarious and fun-filled look at episodes of FMA. Excellent stuff! Again, jokes can involve Het, Yuri, Yaoi, and just about everything else under the sun!

anax's Game Summaries: Broken Angel and Crimson Elixir- As if Anax was not god-like enough, he's been taking the time to transcribe the FMA PS2 games. A valuable fandom resource-- and pretty funny too, as he can't resist commenting, just a little.

harukami's 30-Second Summaries- Well, I find these funny. Here Haru has done these side-splittingly funny summaries of each of her fics. Not only is it a useful way to find a lot of her stuff... but these things are a blast! Even if you haven't read her fics. I actually woke my roomie up with my laughter when I first stumbled upon these.

WANT MORE? Here are some other people's Rec Lists:

Fleeting Fancies: FMA Fanwork Recs- Dear God, go here. It has both fic and fanart recs, and classifies everything by section. The Roy x Ed section is nice and plump, but there is more than just that there.

Devi's Recs List- Mostly Roy x Ed, but there is a slight smattering of everything else here too.

Mikke's Roy x Ed Recs- She was the first to do it, and it's still one of the most useful lists.

Mikke's Gen Recs- Slightly out-dated, but a nice little treat all the same.

Stick's Darker Side of Ed Recs- Oh! Now this is a unique take. A list of fics that explore a very different side of Ed. Variety of pairings and some real quality fics here.

Mikke's Elricest Fic Recs- Another well put together list, this time for a bit of a different OTP.

Skydark's Roy x Ed Recs- Yes, it's a shorter list and all the entries can be found on other lists... but I just wanted to take the time to say that if you like fanfic recs, you honestly should friend her LJ. She recs a whole manner of fics (Mostly Roy x Ed and Ling x Ed, but she branches out) at least once a day. And god, do we love her for it. She's an invaluable fandom resource!

Kaltia's Elricest Recs- Another awesome list for a popular OTP!

Further Recs from Devi- This list contains a few unique recs not found elsewhere. Thanks Devi!

Ishnaru's Fanart Rec List- Oh, this is an interesting and good idea! kaltia is starting a rec list of fan-art! So far it's all Gen, and mostly well-known English-fandom artists... but this list is growing! Go check it out, and maybe rec her some pretties while you are at it! :)

An Example List of StrawberryKaoru- Like sky_dark, Kaoru often recs other people's fanfics. Her list is unique, and features fics others don't! Go friend her for semi-regular recs! The above link just here as an example.

Kyt's Roy x Ed x Al MasterList- For those wanting something very different, here is a recs list of every OT3 fic I could find. Enjoy!

Lyko's Envy x Ed Recs List- And here is another fairly popular OTP! Excellent list of recs for Envy x Ed. Mmm, taste the non-con.

Heron's Scar Resource List- Everything Scar! Savor the sexy hobo in all his glory!


Lurk around steelandsparks, fma_yaoi, and fm_alchemist, of course!

Also check out the popular fanfic archives: Scimitar Smile and Touka Koukan! A lot of the above writers have more fics at one or both of these archives.

And I'm sure you all already know of the existence of ff.net, afn.net, and mm.org. Though it's damn hard to find good fics in those places. Also, rumor has it I write fanfics too, but I hardly recommend them! ;)


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Sep. 5th, 2005 08:58 am (UTC)
OMG I love you ^____^

And not only for the rec - you've recced fics I haven't seen before, yay! *runs off to read, but not before glomping*

Thanks! XD
Sep. 5th, 2005 03:16 pm (UTC)
Oh no, thank you! :)
Sep. 5th, 2005 01:02 pm (UTC)
Kyt, thou shalt not link to TKKN. >.> It's in the rules.

(Lots of good fics there, yes. :) )
Sep. 5th, 2005 03:13 pm (UTC)
mikkeneko has had TKKN links in her recs list for half a year, and [Unknown LJ tag] and the others who are currently doing this meme also have such links. 0_0


I don't like breaking rules, but they haven't been yelled at. What do I do?!? T_T
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Sep. 5th, 2005 02:56 pm (UTC)
Dude, your recs list freaking OWNS. There's tons of fics by obscure authors, and some favorites I haven't read in a really long time. *meant to rec Sol's epic but OMG FORGOT*

^____^ *mems*

And I love you even more for reccing something else other than PoN. Seriously. I do. ♥

I don't think I've read "For Coffee" by Maaya... *facepalm*
Sep. 5th, 2005 03:15 pm (UTC)
I wanted a mix of the OMG YOU NEED TO READ THIS (I had a friend who is thinking about reading Roy x Ed ask for recs and I wanted to make sure she saw those) and the obscure. Plus I wanted different stuff than everyone else. :)

Well, those are damn good fics!

It was one of the first ones by her I read on LJ. :)
Sep. 5th, 2005 04:18 pm (UTC)
I guess I would understand all the Roy/Ed stuff if I actually watched full metal alchemist.

I still invision Roy from Smash Bros. and Ed from Cowboy beebop and thats scary
Sep. 5th, 2005 04:24 pm (UTC)
Hee, but that amuses the hell out of me.

You should see Fullmetal Alchemist, regardless of whether you plan to read fic for it, Roy x Ed or no. It's a good show, up there with things like Bebop, EVA, and Trigun. I HIGHLY recommend it, and no, not just because I'm in the fandom.

You, btw, are a crackhead. :P
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 5th, 2005 07:12 pm (UTC)
Sep. 5th, 2005 08:14 pm (UTC)
Oh you pimp! XD

Must go read many of these, like, now! *scuttles off*
Sep. 5th, 2005 08:54 pm (UTC)
That make you my ho? XD

Sep. 5th, 2005 10:57 pm (UTC)
OMFG. *teh glomp* I love you! XD I've gone through all ff.net has to offer as far as good FMA fics go, so it's nice to have links to more in such a convenient place! *love love love* ^-^
Sep. 5th, 2005 11:37 pm (UTC)
*huggles* Aww, thanks! *lovelove*

You've only been to ff.net? Not Scimitar Smile and Touka Koukan? You should check those places out too! They are two of the best archives in the fandom.

I'm really glad to be of service! And to introduce those good fics to new readers... don't forget to check out the other recs lists at the bottom, btw. You won't be disappointed!
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Sep. 6th, 2005 09:08 am (UTC)
*cough* A list of fics that explore a very very side of Ed. - typo? ^^

[/anal retentive]
Sep. 6th, 2005 03:45 pm (UTC)
Fixed! Thanks! :)
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Sep. 6th, 2005 12:58 pm (UTC)
*blushes, mems, and starts checking out some of the more hidden ones*
Sep. 6th, 2005 03:46 pm (UTC)
*hugs* You deserve the rec, that was the best Roy x Ed I've seen in quite a long while... *happy sigh*

Sep. 7th, 2005 04:08 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for this list, it really is so helpful. I was apparently looking in all the wrong places for good fic, this was a great pointer in the right direction :-)
Sep. 7th, 2005 06:24 am (UTC)
No problem! Glad to be of service. ^_^

Eeep! T_T Well, Scimitar Smile and Touka Koukan.net are great archives... and I find Live Journal to be very very useful. Just keep your eye on the above writers, and on sky_dark's LJ and steelandsparks and you'll find your fic needs more then met. I'm buried in my 'to-read' pile... and I have tons of stuff to write too. ^_^;; Whoops!

Nov. 2nd, 2005 12:02 am (UTC)

*glomps you* Where the HELL was I when you posted this gem?

Ah...I just checked the date...It was during 'Trina Timeout. ^^; Damn hurricanes! >.<

*mems this and ninjas out* Whoosh!
Nov. 2nd, 2005 12:11 am (UTC)
Heh, the list about 1/3 the length you see here when I first posted it. I just spent the entire weekend and today updating it.

Hope it helps!
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Nov. 2nd, 2005 11:38 am (UTC)
Thank you soooo much for making this. I've bookmarked it, so I can keep track of all my favorites. Found some really good fics I've never read before also. ^_^
Nov. 2nd, 2005 09:50 pm (UTC)
You are very welcome! I hope it helps you and spreads the Roy x Ed love! :)
Nov. 2nd, 2005 08:25 pm (UTC)
Please help hide Kyt from Devi once Devi notices she recced this!


At least you recced "Firebird", though, so I forgive you.
Nov. 2nd, 2005 09:51 pm (UTC)
Ut oh!!! *runs*

Of course I did! That's probably my favorite one by you. Or one of them, it's really hard to decide since they are all damn good!

Heeeeeeeey... can I throw a bunny at you? :3
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Nov. 3rd, 2005 03:30 am (UTC)
Gosh, I've been included. *flushes, glompluffles* <33

AND YAY MORE FICS TO READ when school isn't eating me alive! ^__________^
Nov. 5th, 2005 06:10 am (UTC)
Of course! Your lists are super-useful! *huggles* Thank you for making them!

ENJOY THEM! Good luck with school! :)
Nov. 23rd, 2005 12:59 am (UTC)
How come some don't have links? The only ones that looked interesting were link-less V__V
Nov. 23rd, 2005 01:13 am (UTC)
They all have links.

My format is (link 1) (link 2) by authorname

link 1 description

link 2 description

So, if you can't find the link, just look up! They are all there! :)
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